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  • Sun, 12:37: I’ve started installing a Gentoo stage. I’m very anxious. Imagine Adrian Monk running mkfs on existing volumes, afraid of typing wrong.
  • Sun, 12:43: Installing Ubuntu et al is even worse for me, and in such cases I end up copying files from a VirtualBox so I know where everything is going
  • Sun, 13:58: Just did the initial "emerge --sync". I’ll probably do a lot of build in the chroot before booting, & prob. can keep the same Linux kernel..
  • Sun, 14:01: Chance I’ll use Gentoo’s kernel patches = approximately zero. Talk about broken ... Same story with Ubuntu, but they push a kernel on you.
  • Sun, 14:23: I wonder how many exhereses I’ll have to rewrite as ebuilds. Crud Factory Fontconfig, at least, unless Behdad has been fixing the mainstream
  • Sun, 14:58: Postcards from the Ledge: "Circle of Stones" by Judith Duerk (Tweeted for @spiralsongkat)
  • Sun, 16:53: I wonder what packages I might end up installing vanilla due to Gentoo’s pkg maintainer being a person who uses lots of exclamation points.
  • Sun, 18:34: Oh, great, now I realize that when I ran those mkfs I thereby deleted my examples of Gentoo configuration. I’ve done it a lot, though.
  • Sun, 21:45: In case anyone cares -- yes, I’ve installed Paludis as my Gentoo package mangler. I like late-model emerge, tho’; unmasked it in the past.
  • Mon, 00:24: RT @TheRyanFord: What happens when you hire a cheapo designer? You might get thoughtlessness like this.
  • Mon, 00:31: My opinions on type may reflect: (a) untrained in design; (b) but know something about superposition; (c) I am a migraineur and fibromite.
  • Mon, 00:35: And so I have started doubting the common wisdom on type, based on personal observation. Much type produces effects like migraine aura.
  • Mon, 00:40: I have started thinking that the role of serifs in text for reading is primarily to reduce gridlike resonances. Some contrast also is needed
  • Mon, 10:49: RT @popurls: My friends cat in her little cat chair
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