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  • Wed, 12:19: The idea of a Pentagon-like Apple campus reminds me of Cray Research, Inc. That was very nice ... while it lasted.
  • Wed, 16:50: Laughing inside at the FontLab griping. FontLab folk was on FontForge lists a time ago griping of the crashiness rather than offering help:)
  • Wed, 16:53: Culture difference: FontForge owes you nothing. If you use FontForge, then you owe FontForge. You may gripe, but w/different expectations.
  • Wed, 16:56: There is a continuum in software, from the full slaveware where they owe you for your $, to the full volunteerware where you owe the bulk.
  • Wed, 17:01: FontForge’s crashiness IMO is mainly because it’s written in C, thus w/bad type & mem mgmt. Anyone want to donate a fancy code instrumenter?
  • Wed, 17:02: I should wash out my metaphoric mouth for asking for commercial SW to maintain FontForge. Is there a wonderful free alternative?
  • Wed, 17:27: RT @mnzoo: We are deeply saddened by the unfortunate loss of Mexican gray wolf at the Zoo today.
  • Wed, 20:41: RT @ATXGastronomist: The list of ingredients in a recipe isn't covered by copyright, but the process and photos are. #afba #getpermission
  • Wed, 20:43: RT @Migrainedotcom: What does aphasia feel like? @Eschnak
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