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  • Mon, 15:49: "Were it not for the insidious doctrine of hell ..."
  • Mon, 20:20: Computer overheating sensor went off. Went for a look inside, nothing too awful, except it could use more fans, and run them faster.
  • Mon, 20:21: I took the opportunity to put in the SCSI card I have had for it (for my external tape drive), and to replace a bad hard drive.
  • Mon, 20:23: Had a replacement drive for many moons, never put it in. It was the easiest ever! Unexpectedly easy. Fans will be easy, too.
  • Mon, 20:24: I think the graphics adapter may not be getting enough air. For now I also removed unused drive rails, in hopes of providing more air.
  • Mon, 21:08: RT @dems4Bachmann: "I don't know where they're going to get all this money because we're running out of rich people in this country." #B ...
  • Tue, 01:51: RT @Dunwich_Type: I'm so happy that Michelle Bachmann has decided to give the GOP the deranged halfwit candidate they deserve.
  • Tue, 02:02: RT @bazecraze: I'm pulling for Pawlenty. I respect a man who cuts his own hair. #GOPdebate
  • Tue, 10:44: I think they should replace the design category in Who To Follow with an electrical engineering and computer programming category.
  • Tue, 11:35: Withdrawal from software installation frenzy. :( Though Gentoo does at least offer new versions of things almost every day. I love compiling
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