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  • Mon, 12:21: RT @KLTF: On font rasterization, by FreeType's David Turner: Remarkable remarks on what's best.
  • Mon, 13:05: I came to dislike KDE partly because the builds are large and fragile. It does not help that they use cmake, which is like solid concrete.
  • Mon, 14:35: Removed kdelibs and all packages dependent on it, and now am rebuilding them. This time with "kde-base/* -* amd64" &c in keywords.conf
  • Mon, 14:58: I’m listening to something incredibly unusual: a Cape Breton song about ship troubles! Never been done ...
  • Mon, 15:34: Idea: instead of wasting dear lifespan instructing fonts, we should have them install renderers. (Of course, F-Secure will have to squawk.)
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