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  • Sat, 14:30: RT @smashingmag: 10 ways to improve your programming skills - #useful
  • Sat, 14:43: I think I’ll be relatively happy with KDE 4 _if_ I can keep it compiled. Using stable amd64 instead of ~amd64. Gnome approaches heat death.
  • Sat, 14:44: What I am afraid of is KDE 5 and KDE 6. These full-featured suites have no stability of design. Windows victims complain about far less.
  • Sat, 14:45: This would suck if KWin weren’t like my second favorite window manager, after Fluxbox. How can I get rid of these boardbook corners, though?
  • Sat, 14:47: Of course I turned off compositing. :) I wish there were the outlined resizing and all -- or is there?
  • Sat, 17:22: KDE Plasma (at least the ‘stable’ version on Gentoo) still seems pretty buggy. Be careful with it.
  • Sat, 17:29: My desktop background is the default solid color background for WindowMaker. I like it. For VirtualBox guests I make it slightly different.
  • Sat, 17:30: WindowMaker itself I don’t use mainly because it requires held-down mouse (really #DataHand) presses, which are painful for me.
  • Sat, 17:42: Okey-dokey, I’ve got the ‘contentless’ moving and resizing going for KWin. Yay.
  • Sat, 19:40: I’m in trouble. @theleagueof is retweeting desktops made with League fonts. I’m a League contributor. My desktop uses Storm’s unfree fonts.
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