Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

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  • Thu, 19:04: Complex numbers seems to be broken nastily by Batteries 1.4.0. I am not in the mood to prepare a bug report; maybe later.
  • Thu, 19:20: Lotsa ginger love going around Twitter today, but what I would like to see is graying, balding, dark, handsomish strange guy love.
  • Thu, 21:50: @meanfluff Dawkins revived atheism? I doubt it. In any case, a young person’s know-it-all rashness in an elderly person is just sad.
  • Thu, 22:07: @ATXGastronist What about a TRS-80, then? Ever use one of those? :)
  • Fri, 01:28: @jessicahisch That’s too bad, then. :)
  • Fri, 01:46: Checked out that Rangers game fan death. That rail is too low. Having had season tix behind rails, I know the obstruction sux, but too bad.
  • Fri, 11:53: Israeli algorithm sheds light on the Bible - Washington Times
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