Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

The mystery solved

Had the buttoscopy a couple of days ago. The mystery of what Versed would do to me has been solved by the experience. The answer is it that it doesn’t do very much, which seems to be one of the common problems with the drug, judging from patient reports on-line. Aside from a little vertigo when they put the drugs in, I felt only mildly tranquilized, less than from a beer or perhaps even my Imitrex. I haven’t the slightest hint of memory loss. The painkillers weren’t totally effective, either – air-pumping was a bit painful – though when I told them I had fibromyalgia a nurse implied the painkilling might not be totally effective.

I did already have a list of drugs that don’t do very much to me at usual doses. Chloral hydrate, for instance, and local dental anesthetics. A double dose of the latter works fine, though.

(Nothing gnarly. A polyp, results not back yet. Diverticulosis.)

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