Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

The way it is

I am disabled, collect Social Security, and am insured by Medicare. My wife is disabled and retired, collects Social Security, and is insured by Medicare. My stepdaughter is a ward of the state, lives in a group home, is non-verbal, spends her weekdays at a habilitation center, is insured by Medicaid and Medicare, and is very vulnerable. My father-in-law is very elderly, requires round the clock care, and has long had developers trying to push him off his property. This is America, folks.

If liberals insist on screaming about and nitpicking about and insisting on the pressing importance of public options, drones, Bradley Manning, Guantanamo, whether Obama says he’s for ‘gay marriage’, reform agendas, DINOs, Blue Dogs, etc., etc., America cannot be faulted for cursing the word ‘liberal’ as a synonym for ‘doesn’t give a shit about me.’ At least the current Republican presidential candidates come right out and say it: ‘How am I supposed to pay for college?’ asks the questioner; ‘As if I give a shit, and BTW, Missy, if you borrow that money you’d better pay it back in full, with interest!’ answers Mitt Romney. Of course we Democrats have a presidential candidate who gives a real answer; that’s how he got to be president in the first place, despite being supported by people who protested his inauguration, all over the radio no less, about stuff no one in Peoria with a Down’s syndrome child and parents in a nursing home gives a rat’s ass about. That’s how Bill Clinton got elected, and not doing it nearly as well is part of how other Democrats managed not to get elected.

(I can’t help noticing that Al Gore is much better screaming outrage at the Bush Administration’s national security policy than at giving the impression he’s thinking about your life problems.)

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