Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Some repercussions of the destruction of New Orleans

I live in Minnesota near the Mississippi River. The destruction of the
city of New Orleans can't do anything good as far as operating the
seaport of New Orleans. I imagine that Minnesota exports agricultural
or other products by floating them down the river, in barges, to New
Orleans for loading onto ships. What's going to happen now?

That kind of question is going to be important in the coming months
and years.

Other routes I can think of are to carry the goods by rail to a
different seaport, such as Newark-Elizabeth. Another possibility is to
load the goods onto ships at the port of Duluth. One thing about that
approach is that some ocean going ships can go all the way to Duluth.

I'm just throwing out ideas but I don't know anything special about
commercial logistics. Also, probably it won't be long before there is
an impromptu community of port workers -- well, at least if Bush
doesn't somehow block that from happening, for instance to punish Mary
Landrieu for threatening to punch him.

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