Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

What city is next?

Okay, what city goes next? How many cities do we have to lose before
one realizes that more destroyed cities is what our broken form of
'democracy' will give us?

That we still tolerate George W. Bush after all this shows that
we are not capable of ruling ourselves in this way: bathed in

Do you know why Michael Brown is not being fired? Because he makes
Bush feel important. That's what Paul O'Neill didn't do. He actually
said things implying that Bush was not Jesus Christ II.

If the Republicans will not impeach Bush, demand the Republicans step
down. If it's powerful enough a demand, they'll impeach Bush. That's
what you've got to realize. If we demand Bush's resignation, we might
get Michael Brown fired. If we demand Bush be impeached, we might get
his resignation (it worked with Nixon). If we demand Congress be
dissolved, we might get Bush's impeachment. These are facts the
Democrats have forgotten -- indeed, they ask for less than they
actually want.

And look where it has gotten us. A part of downtown Manhattan,
destroyed. Almost the entire city of New Orleans, destroyed. We hadn't
had a major city destroyed in this country since 1906 -- we forgot
what it was like. It would have been better had we not forgotten. What
city goes next?

No, I don't know what we do after that. So what? It's like marriage:
you don't know what comes next, and if you do know you are wrong. You
do it anyway. That's how this nation was founded, goddammit.

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