Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

I'm pretty happy right now

I'm pretty happy right now and Mike Malloy on Air America Radio doesn't sound too unhappy, either. God, what an atrocious speech!

When the Bush likened himself to Harry Truman -- my goodness, does He insist on replicating everything His father did as Legitimate President, except more so? If so, we can use again the 1992 joke that goes, "What do George Bush and Harry Truman have in common? They're both dead men."

Dick Cheney looked about to keel over -- which is actually the case, if John Dean reports truthfully. In his book, Dean reports that Cheney's condition has steadily deteriorated, and that this is but one of the cover-ups going on.

Maybe Cheney can be resurrected like Jesus and New York City, while the Bush looks under His Imperial Throne for flip-flopping Weapons of Mass Destruction, cracks an occasional insult joke aimed at His contempuous Imperial Mother, and makes Sir Rudolph Giuliani cringe in pain.

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