Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

La malsanoj de Barijo

There are tornadoes bearing down on me tonight, and the thunderous weather is making me sick to my belly. I do not fare well in these conditions.

I still have a hives breakout, although it is not as bad as before—possibly on account of the well-past-label dosage of loratidine, with diphenhydramine thrown in occasionally. Blood tests argue against the likelihood of lupus, thankfully, and also do not indicate severe inflammation. I have an appointment for ten minutes with a dermatologist near the end of June. My primary care physician has given me option of getting a skin biopsy done ahead of that appointment.

Most cases of chronic hives are never 'solved', and in those cases it is a condition with which one lives, not which one cures. I've got a handful of conditions like that, fortunately none of them known to be significantly life shortening.

I had my dental cleaning and examination today. My gums remain badly pocketed in some parts. The teeth were very nice and well brushed. My gums have been suffering since I went on amitriptyline/nortriptyline, which dry out my mouth. If it gets any worse they will send me to a periodontist, presumably.

The dentist saw on my tongue some red spots, lesions, which he showed me in a mirror. I blurted that they looked like more of the hives, and the dentist said, yes, they almost did. My guess is that it is the hives. As long as my tongue doesn't swell up like my lip did that time—a swollen tongue can kill, and I've come close to choking to death before and don't like it.

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