Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Bush Chooses Miers for Supreme Court - Yahoo! News

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid was complimentary, issuing a
statement that said he likes Miers and adding "the Supreme Court would
benefit from the addition of a justice who has real experience as a
practicing lawyer."

At the same time, he said he looked forward to the "process which will
help the American people learn more about Harriet Miers, and help the
Senate determine whether she deserves a lifetime seat on the Supreme

Who's this nitwit fooling? A lot of people, actually. The Democrats
have no intention of determining whether this person deserves a
lifetime seat on any court. They'll cleverly stick their fingers in
the wind—thus lack of knowledge of the nominee plays in their
disgusting, purposefully ignorant, irresponsible favor as well as
Bush's. Even if there is political advantage in this behavior, it
sustains and downright celebrates ignorance and immaturity in the
public, and so prolongs the childhood of humanity.

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