Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

I can't bear it any more!

I can't bear it anymore! WP and DTP programs suck, they powerful suck! TeX sucks but in a different way, it sucks as a programming language, or else Don Knuth has a sick sense of humor, but at least it can do typesetting! I've got to go back to trying to learn ConTeXt and I've got to figure out how to use UTF-8 and all kinds of fonts with it!

And I've got to bite the bullet and pay the way, way late fee to renew my TUG (TeX Users Group) membership that I was dropping because I was giving up on TeX (because it sucks, but at least it can do honest to goodness typesetting)!

And ConTeXt (a macro set for TeX) can easily make tremendously handsome interactive PDFs.


Typography is addicting even when you are not into it that much—it is addicting even as an occasional hobby.

Ĝisdatigo (Up-to-date-making): I did it, although PayPal was broken so I ended up unable to pay by it—either that or I paid five or six times with it and also paid once directly by credit card. Eh, they aren't crooks at TUG, they're friendly nerds. We'll get it sorted out if necessary.

Kristy's going to say she told me so, that I would renew for 2005, even though already it is almost 2006.

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