Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Pope JP2 reportedly worries that Bush is so-called "Antichrist"

According to freelance journalist Wayne Madsden, "George W Bush's blood lust, his repeated commitment to Christian beliefs and his constant references to 'evil doers,' in the eyes of many devout Catholic leaders, bear all the hallmarks of the one warned about in the Book of Revelations--the anti-Christ."

Madsen, a Washington-based writer and columnist, who often writes for Counterpunch, says that people close to the pope claim that amid these concerns, the pontiff wishes he was younger and in better health to confront the possibility that Bush may represent the person prophesized in Revelations. John Paul II has always believed the world was on the precipice of the final confrontation between Good and Evil as foretold in the New Testament.

So sayeth an article in the New Catholic Times. From my point of view, the Pope's realistic concerns are formulated in unrealistic and thus not very useful terms. I find it interesting that the Pope and Bush alike make the mistake of dichotomizing "good" and "evil."

Personally, I'd much prefer to be at a BBQ with the Pope than with Bush.

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