Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Tom Englehardt and Paul Hackett: "The Democratic Party is like an addict"

Opposition, as the Republicans knew in the Clinton era (and still know), is a habit. You don't save it up for a rainy day or you find yourself up on a roof waving a white cloth and calling hopelessly for rescue. Paul Hackett, the impressive ex-Marine Iraq vet, who almost wrested away a solidly Republican congressional seat in a district outside Cinncinnati this summer, commented recently, "The Democratic Party is like an addict. They're addicted to failure. I want to help the party. The question is, how do you help someone that doesn't want help?"

I ask myself the same question every day. You have to get someone involved in a mutual activity, for one thing—as depicted in that STTNG episode with Paul Winfield, 'Darmok'.

Don't you just hate people who employ Star Trek to explain the world? So, what failure-addicted Jackasses would like to learn Esperanto? :) Seriously, I recommend it for liberals, and it was invented (of course!) by a Jew. (Ashkenazi genes are made with a rare nucleotide called 'nerdium'. :)

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