Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

James Moore: 'The Most Important Criminal Case in American History'

Read this:

To understand our situation, you must not 'think' of it as Democrats
versus Republicans. That's not it at all. We are not up against
Republicans; we aren't up against 'dirty tricks'; we are up against

Here is what most likely has happened. Karl Rove arranged with Michael
Ledeen to get incompetent Italian spies to forge the Niger
documents. Thus as soon as Joseph Wilson went to research the
documents he was a target for SPECTRE (i.e., the Bush regime). And
Patrick Fitzgerald knows it and intends to prove it. Now here we are.

I have a question, though—where does the anthrax killer fit in
all of this? Here's a speculation: SPECTRE was about to launch the
anthrax attacks when, to their surprise, al-Qaeda struck first. They
went ahead with the attacks, anyway, perhaps simply because whoever
was immediately responsible had been eager and didn't want to
postpone; or maybe it was just typical Bushist overkill.

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