Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

John Dean's take on the impending indictments


I think some of his opinion might be linked to his once upon a time
being a White House conspirator. The distinction between 'national
security' reasons and 'other' reasons seems poorly considered. For
example, control of the oil fields, which Dean speaks of as if it were
a trivial goal, is exactly the sort of thing the PNAC crowd wishes to
gain for their Nazi-like version of 'national security' as 'Pax
Americana'. I suspect Dean is trying trying to make a Nixonesque
distinction— that is, would Nixon have considered an action
necessary for national security, before the Watergate shit hit the
fan and ruined everything?

('Pax Americana' is their term, not just me ridiculing them. I,
personally, would call it the Great Global Co-Prosperity
in honor of the Japanese Nazis who must have inspired
these American Nazis. Such Nazis do not deserve to use a term
alluding to ancient Rome, which at least didn't immediately go down in
flames like Nazis seem to do.)

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