Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Another portrait of the narcissist

Paul Begala writes (as a tangent to a different topic) of how sick
Bush junior has used his 'capital' to surround himself with people who
tell him only how great he is:

The exodus [of people who would stand up to Bush] and incapacity
were inevitable; replacing Bush's stand-up guys and gals with suck-ups
and sycophants was not.…

Mr. Bush would do well to augment his current staff, a C-Team if ever
there was one, with some stronger characters. But to read the
Bush-Miers correspondence is to gain a disturbing insight into
Mr. Bush's personality: he likes having his ass kissed. Ms. Miers'
cards and letters to the then-Governor of Texas belong in the
Brown-Nosers Hall of Fame. You can be sure the younger and less
experienced Bush White House aides are even more obsequious.…

And so they wait. And they sniff the royal throne. They tell the
Beloved Leader he's the victim of a partisan plot…. They assure
him all is well.…


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