Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Libby to be indicted, Rove not to be indicted

[Expanded from earlier...]

Rove not being indicted is good news—it means he is,
indeed, squealing, and the investigation will continue. Likely
Fitzgerald is tracking Melakon—uh, I mean Cheney, waiting for a
good shot.

I figure Libby will be publicly indicted only for telling lies. You
don't indict on the other charges if there is more evidence to

Not that I expect Rove to be completely cooperative. That
would be foolish; lying and failing to disclose are second nature
to the likes of Rove.

It's starting to appear as if my predictions, many months ago,
that Rove would betray the conspiracy are coming true. Libby I
don't know about, though. The types of people that Dick Cheney
runs around with are not the sycophantic parasites that the
narcissist attracts. They are agents of SPECTRE.

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