Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

TalkLeft: Did Rover Roll Over?

Jeralyn Merritt extends her speculation that Rove has betrayed the
conspiracy. Mildly interesting and coming from a criminal defense
lawyer (Merritt).

I see all of this as a smokescreen by Karl Rove's camp to prepare the public for the disclosure that Rove cooperated against Libby and Cheney, which likely will come in the coming weeks, while the final decision as to the outcome of his cooperation won't be known for months or even years, depending on whether Fitzgerald is successful at getting Cheney and/or others as well as Libby, or just Libby. It's the only way to reconcile the different versions as to whether we will know within weeks or not for months or longer.

I have speculated before that Karl Rove already has his deal with Fitzgerald and will either get a complete pass or plead guilty to a false statement charge in exchange for his cooperation against Libby and others, including Cheney.

Waas' report that Fitzgerald is trying to turn Libby to get Rove seems like spin from the Rove camp. I think they are trying to shield Rove as long as possible from the disclosure that all that remains pending is the final concession Rove will get for his cooperation, and that is what we won't know for a long time.…

If Fitzgerald is waiting to turn Libby, I think it's to get Cheney, not Karl Rove. Fitzgerald, as we learned here, has a history of going for the top dog.…

This leads back to the question of what Rove told Fitzgerald about Libby or others in the 11th hour before Libby's indictment. I think Rove may have turned over additional documents, such as an e-mail (besides the one with Adam Levine) establishing who first told Libby that Joseph Wilson's wife worked for the CIA and was involved in sending Wilson to Niger — and that it was either someone at the CIA or a member of the White House Iraq Group. Perhaps Rove was copied on an e-mail between them and only recently located it. This would be confirming evidence that Libby lied when he told investigators and the grand jury that he initially learned about Wilson's employment with the CIA from reporters.

Maybe it was these e-mails that Fitzgerald picked up when he visited Rove's lawyer's office the day before the indictments were issued.…

Many (including me) have theorized that Libby would never give up Cheney because of their closeness. But Libby will receive a copy of Cheney's statement to Fitzgerald in discovery. If Rove has provided proof that Cheney lied, Libby might just decide it’s hopeless and join Fitzgerald's team.


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