Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Internacia Televido


It might be fine for Windows and perhaps also Mac users, not counting bandwidth problems. I have had limited success in GNU/Linux. The GNU/Linux instructions sort of work, but I haven't figured out, for example, a way to use kmplayer or kplayer. Admittedly they are minimal wrapper programs. Mplayer and gmplayer I can sort of use but, even with that, bare mplayer is no fun, and gmplayer is so sucky user-interface-wise that it redefines the meaning of 'to suck'.

For the vignette samples some months ago, it worked nicely with the Konqueror kmplayer plug-in, but now that doesn't work so well. It works, just not very well. Disappointing, although in general multimedia isn't a GNU/Linux strength yet.

Also disappointing is when a typeface doesn't include a breve mark, even when it does include a circumflex. Fortunately, if willing to settle for the 'geezer' look, a desperate person can substitute the breve mark from a similar typeface, much as we used to substitute 'l' for '1' on our typewriters. Of course in English you don't need a breve mark for much of anything, even if you are The New Yorker.

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