Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Bombadier Bush

Regarding the story that Blair had to talk Bush out of bombing an
ally, Qatar, it seems to me that this should come as no shock. Do we
not remember the speech in which Bush announced (in different words)
that from then on we were operating by PNAC 'Pax Americana' rules?

Bush is the world's overlord. And, when a Bushist toady expressed
regret that Canada had forfeited its 'sovereignty' by disallowing
the U.S. from launching missiles into Canadian airspace, it was not
just a clumsy tongue. It's serious. Here is the 'Bush' doctrine:

Update: The British Bushists are invoking the Official Secrets
Act to block the publication of further details about the Bush bombing
Doha story. I suppose that's what you call confirmation.

Update update: I heard that the Guardian is reporting
that this is the first time the Blair gov't has threatened newspaper
editors with the Official Secrets Act to block a story.

I'm going to repeat that we do not have to put up with three more
years of these madmen. We drove Nixon from office, peacefully, and
we can drive Bush and Cheney from office, similarly. That the
legislature is in the hands of traitors, this time, is simply a
complication, an extra barrier.

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