Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

About yesterday's 'Diagnose the Fruitcake'

Yesterday we played 'Diagnose the Fruitcake', that fruitcake being
Jesus II.

Listeners to The Majority Report may have noticed last night
that Sam Seder and Seymour Hersh, working from the same alleged
symptoms, chose different paths in 'Diagnose the Fruitcake'. Hersh, in
fact, said he would not agree to call Jesus II a fruitcake. But
that is a trifle; we here at The Crud Factory have a liberal
definition of 'fruitcake' that serves our purposes, not those of our
most esteemed journalists, who should use more conservative

In particular, we, The Crud Factory, do not require that the
fruitcake be psychotic; any 'mental' illness of sufficient severity
will suffice, as will severe states of so-called 'un-sanity', not
necessarily yet recognized as illnesses by psychiatrists. The
rubujsaĝulo ('roobooysaJOOlo', trashcan sage) himself is a basket of
fruitcakes, but they are rather edible fruitcakes, and more
importantly he is not sitting in the Oval Office.

Anyone aside from Jake and Elwood who believes himself to be
uniquely on a mission from 'God', and who sees ordinary events
as more evidence of this, and who refuses to allow in any contrary
evidence, is straying seriously into fruitcake territory. Actually if
Jake and Elwood did the latter two things they'd also be nuts. And
they weren't mass murderers. And surely they considered themselves
unique only in that they had the means to carry out the mission, and
so the Penguin had assigned the mission to them. They did not believe
themselves to be historic figures, as Jesus II believes about himself,
if the hearsay and inferences we get through Seymour Hersh and others
is to be believed.

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