Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Bush is seriously nuts

I'm listening to sound clips of Bush answering questions earlier today, and Bush is nuts. In answer to a simple question Bush spent some minutes repeating, more and more hotly and with more and more slurring, imploring people to recognize that there is 'the enemy' and to see what 'the enemy' wants to do to us. He was merely asked how things are going for the armed forces, or something like that. No one challenged his characterization of an 'enemy'.

Bush was so desperate, he seemed to be saying 'Can't you see what's before your eyes?' I don't believe Bush is just lying; he is lying when he talks about specifics, like supposed threats from Saddam, but when Bush speaks in general about 'the enemy' he is describing to us his 'mental' world. He believes in the phantoms described in his speeches and impromptu answers, as long as the abstractions are sufficiently removed from objective levels.

I would not be surprised if he actually hears the voice of 'God'. It really makes little difference, though; medically that's worse, but my viewpoint is that of a general semanticist, and with Bush the reversal in values is as bad as if he were psychotic. That is to say, he treats his most 'abstract' and thoroughly unscientific inferences as much more important than the world in which you and I live.

By the way, here's hoping your Treason Day (December 12) was uneventful.

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