Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

D'oh! I ordered the 'right' teapot color accidentally

So I bought from (great company) an earthenware teapot. I just had to choose whether I wanted blue, brown, or white. I thought I had settled on white, on the grounds that it would be easier to see and deal with built-up tea scale. It turns out I'd ordered blue. I do not remember whether I was careless in making my order (which is most likely) or did change my 'mind' to blue but forgot about that due to 'fibro-fog' or something.

In fact I 'really' wanted blue and the choice of white was for the practical reason mentioned above. But I 'really' wanted blue. So I ought to get myself used to the idea of having a blue pot, rather than exchange it.

The thing that makes this most difficult for me is the fashion in which I am nuts. Specifically, I am terrifying myself that there will come to be a tea scale problem on account of the blueness. Oh, how the world will collapse! So I compulsively protect myself against this hypothetical disaster by never using a blue teapot. It's essentially the same as hoarding, where for instance I have a lifetime supply or more of Yamaha recorder cream (it's similar to Vaseline), out of fear that one day, however much later in my life, I'd be unable to get it. (Vaseline or vegetable oil probably would work as less convenient replacements.)

(Hoarding is supposed to be harder to treat than other obsessive-compulsive symptoms.)

I ordered earthenware because, I believe, it holds heat better than does porcelain. It's also a lot cheaper, but not as durable.

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