Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Is Bush seeking free rein to use torture on his own people?

See,12271,1237239,00.html for the following and more:
The document, on the face of it, is a charter allowing the US president to abuse human rights and ignore domestic as well as international law.

Stafford-Smith yesterday pointed to what he called its most outrageous argument - namely, that domestic law does not apply to actions inside the US. Torture can be committed inside the US.

The Pentagon's lawyers describe Guantánamo Bay as "included within the definition of the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the US and accordingly is within the US". They add: "Thus, the torture statute does not apply to the conduct of US personnel" at Guantánamo Bay.

The article also notes that this argument conflicts with the claim that Bush can do what he wants with the Guantánamo prisoners, because the base is in Cuba rather than the U.S.

My opinion of Bush probably is lower than that of your average citizen, but I have not arrived at it lightly. I reiterate my opinion that, for Bush, torture was a solution looking for a problem. Basically we are dealing IMO with a despot wannabe. When Bush says a dictatorship would be much easier, if he could be the dictator, it's less of a joke than it might sound. I let that "joke" be "just a joke" for most of the last three years, but not any more.

I'm one of those people whom Bush fooled once and shame on him (and Colin Powell), but if Bush fools me twice that's shame on me. (Yes, I learned that from Star Trek.)

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