Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

William Rivers Pitt: The Breaking Strain

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Many political pragmatists will tell you that impeachment is a pipe dream. If the God of the Righteous roared down from Heaven
+and denounced George W. Bush from the top of the Capitol dome, Republicans in Congress would denounce Him as a traitor, paint
+Him as standing against the troops, and accuse Him of aiding in the War on Christmas. In other words, the odds that enough
+Republican members of the House would turn against this administration and support impeachment are about as good as the odds of+my cat winning next year's Kentucky Derby.

Even if the odds are defied and impeachment hearings are successfully undertaken, one must go many steps down the ladder to
+find an official worthy of the office. Impeach Bush and you get Cheney. Impeach Cheney and you get Dennis Hastert. Impeach
+Hastert and you get Ted Stevens, the 82-year-old Senator from Alaska who recently threatened to resign from the Senate if
+funding for his "Bridge to Nowhere" was stripped and delivered to aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Pragmatism is good, but hardly the point in this matter. We have gone far beyond consideration of the odds, of the smartest
+and safest course. This is not about Clintonian lies about sex, nor is it even about Nixonian spying on political appointees.
+In the simplest terms, we now have a self-appointed dictator occupying the highest office of the land. Of course, the catch-all+excuse for these reprehensible actions is that Bush is protecting our freedoms against the terrorists. But if our freedoms are
+destroyed, what is left to protect? If the rule of law no longer has meaning, why bother? If that which makes this nation good
+and great is burned out from within, there is nothing left to defend.

Calls for the impeachment of George W. Bush must be heeded, and the House must act. This must happen not because it is
+pragmatic, not because it stands a chance of succeeding. This must happen because the issues at hand demand it. If we as a
+nation do not impeach a sitting President for such a vast array of blatantly illegal activities, activities directed at the
+American people themselves, then as a nation of laws we have lost our way. We have no meaning. We are finished, and the ideals
+for which so many have served and fought and died are ashes.

Intolerable. Impeachable.

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