Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Will Jesus II bring his crusade to Iran?

More to the point: will the PNACers use Jesus II to assert Empire in the Middle East, by attacking Iran?

Rumor in Europe is that the Bushists have been preparing foreign leaders for an attack on Iranian 'nuke' sites in 2006. Probably just in time for the 2006 'elections', no doubt; makes the cheating easier in more than one way.

This rumor comes to me at roughly the same time as my learning that the National Socialist Bushists are demoting the military service chiefs in the military lines of succession, and replacing them with SS officers. No doubt the demotion covers, in practice, much more than just lines of succession. What concerns me is that this may have been done out of concern that the military chiefs would have found ways to undermine the Nasi-Bushist agenda, given that the agenda involved bombing Iran and that's just for starters.

Imagine yourself as China and Russia in a situation like this. More specifically, imagine yourself as China. If the attack occurs, you can sell all your dollars and throw the U.S. into a depression, and maybe you ought to do that, except it will not stop the Bushists unless they are stopped from the inside, by U.S. Americans.

Oh, also, Carthage must be destroyed, and every 'Republican' in Washington is a Nasi.


Experts believe these reports are being deliberately leaked to advance the Bush Administration's psychological warfare against Iran, ahead of talks between Iran and European Union representatives that are to take place in an attempt to halt Iran's uranium enrichment efforts.

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