Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

A blast from the past: Bill Richardson thinks Bush is spying on him

From April 28, 2005:

WASHINGTON - Gov. Bill Richardson is concerned that some of his phone calls were monitored by a U.S. spy agency and transcripts of them were given to the president's nominee for ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton.

Richardson called Sen. Chris Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat, to express his concerns after Dodd revealed that Bolton had on 10 occasions asked the National Security Agency for the intercepts of phone conversations involving Americans.

An online journalist then speculated that Richardson's conversations with former Secretary of State Colin Powell and another U.S. official about North Korea might have been among Bolton's requests.

"The governor is upset that his conversations with Secretary Powell would be intercepted since most of them were domestic calls," said Richardson spokesman Billy Sparks. "The governor felt his calls about North Korea were confidential."…

Sparks said Richardson's call to Dodd was triggered when he read an online story by Washington journalist Wayne Madsen. The story said intelligence community "insiders" claim the NSA circumvented a ban on domestic surveillance by asserting that the intercepted calls were part of "training missions."

Madsen is the author of "America's Nightmare: the Presidency of George Bush II" and an article that suggested Bush was part of a "Christian blood lust cult" because he supported the death penalty as governor of Texas.

As far I have ever been able to tell, Wayne Madsen isn't a lunatic but isn't the world's best researcher, either. However, for some strange reason I've got a feeling that Madsen was getting correct information this time.

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