July 14th, 2004

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Bush trying hard to be like his father

With his drive for this amendment that would restrict the rights of the gay, George W. Bush seems to be pushing for a repeat of 1992, when the Republican national convention was a verbal hatefest. With the Republicans planning to give the 2004 convention an ersatz appearance of tolerance, Bush has his work cut out for him.

Bush has a habit of carrying unread books with their titles visible. Perhaps Bush could do this with The Turner Diaries. When asked about the book, Bush could explain that it was written by a well-known physicist.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Bush's intentions in coming months

I hold that recent events indicate the following:

The Bush regime wishes for there to be a major terrorist assault between now and election day.

Instead of an October surprise in which Osama bin Laden's head is mounted on a pike, the Bush regime wishes freedom and health to Osama, the bogeyman incarnate. (They'd accept the head on a pike if it were handed to them. There is some flexibility here.)

Resources will continue to be withdrawn from Afghanistan, helping to ensure Osama's safety.

Failure to protect our homeland will continue, maximizing the opportunity for terrorists.

If the election "postponement" proposal actually does not float, another trick up Bush's sleeve will be direct appointment of electors by Republican legislatures.