November 5th, 2004

Apollo 4 on column of fire

How the voting machines are rigged

Here is a restatement of my theory of how the voting computers are rigged.  It is addressed to Randi Rhodes (

Hi, Randi. I'm a computer programmer.

The bugs we see in the voting machines are too easy-to-have-gotten-right.

Counting backwards, giving votes to the wrong guy -- these simply should not happen. I can't even begin to understand how a machine can start counting backwards.

I conclude that the flaky behavior is on purpose.

The plan is to make the machines appear goofy, so we get used to the idea the machines are goofy. We become habituated. But the machines goof in favor of Bushists. So we are habituated to the rigging of elections.

That's the diabolical method by which the machines are rigged.