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December 4th, 2004

Keith Olbermann and Bev Harris

Of course nobody is reading this little journal, but "nobody" might be
wondering about my opinion in the Keith Olbermann "versus" Bev Harris
flap.  It's not something that interests me greatly, but I felt a
responsibility to do some investigating.  If forced to take sides,
given just what I know at this moment, I would take the side of Bev

There is a form of soft bigotry, in which what seems assertive, if coming
from a man, is considered "bitchy" when coming from a woman.  This
soft bigotry may play a role in the Olbermann-Harris situation.  As a
teenager I was in the CETA job training program, and during an
initial orientation and evaluation period was tricked into revealing
my bigotry.  We were broken into groups and given some task, but the
ulterior purpose of the lesson was to show how men would muscle out
the women.  I was the worst, as the justifiably angry instructor
demonstrated to the class.

Move forward twenty-something years, to today.  Several of my nation's
soldiers are in trouble for their involvement in George W. Bush's
torture chambers and rape rooms.  Who gets most of the media
attention?  Lynndie England.  Why?  Mainly because she's a woman,
that's why.  We are immersed in this soft bigotry.  It is a kind of
environmental pollution that slowly damages us.

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