December 6th, 2004

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Scramble the cards

If I understand this correctly, if it is done on purpose, it is
diabolically clever:

Given the tactic the Bushists used in Ohio, of putting voting machines
in the wrong places (IMO sufficient for a revote), I'm reluctant to
dismiss this screw-up as a mistake.

If you do it on purpose, you can (a) scramble the punched cards before
they are read, (b) scramble the card readers, (c) scramble the voting
booths, or (d) combinations and/or other techniques. You do it only
in sane neighborhoods, where Bush will get very few votes anyway.
Then some of the punch cards will be read with the candidates in a
different order than the reader expects, and this will help Bush no
matter what.

Yet it looks like a "mere" terrible mistake.