January 2nd, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire

What to do if the fraud collapses?

Okay, there are new reports of plans to hold prisoners indefinitely
without oversight. That's sad but not surprising. If the Felonious
Five think that Bush wouldn't trample on their faces if they got in
his way, they are fools. They are fools anyway, so the pieces fit
together nicely.

That's old hat. Now it's time to speculate on what happens if the
Leader himself, and Darth Vader with him, are discovered to be in on
the vote stealing, and are driven from office. Who becomes president?

This would be a test of our nation. No matter what, it would be a
great relief. The way things are going now, I suggest planning your
move to Canada, and I'm serious. Right now Canada is eager for people
who can do work, of what sorts I don't yet know, and where I also
don't know, but the birth rate is too low for what needs doing. That
move would not be necessary, however, if the Leader and Vader were
removed from the White House. However, who becomes president?

The only correct solutions are that John Kerry becomes president or we
hold a by-election. If we follow the laws governing succession,
merely to stick to the written code, we show ourselves to be more
wedded to written words than to our supposed ideals, and not to have a
true understanding of the law. More of an Ole and Lena
understanding. :)