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January 5th, 2005

Tomorrow's Disaster

Tomorrow members of the Congressional Black Caucus are going to challenge the illegal Ohio electors, but they will be ruled out of order because no senator will sign their challenge.

We will then have the following situation.  The Bushist Arbeiterspartei has been taking over the mechanism of our elections, and abusing it to gain power.  Their power will get them more power.  That means Democrats are going to be essentially powerless.  What that means is we won't gain a whole lot, speaking very generally, from voting for Democrats.  That means we are free to vote against Democrats.

That's what I plan to do.

That leaves open the question of whom to vote for, and that's non-trivial because, for instance, Ralph Nader is nuts.  I won't vote for him for anything except Minister of Getting Lost.  But I could have voted  for, say, Jesse Ventura instead of Skip Humphrey.  People could agree to vote for Ventura.  I voted for Humphrey, but if it were now I'd vote for Ventura.

This is if no senator signs.  Guess what's going to happen....

Update:  There is a rumor that Barbara Boxer will sign.  If so I will assume she is not acting alone.  John Kerry, on the other hand, is sending around e-mails asking people to give up.  Go to hell, John Kerry.  He asks people to support him on "election reform."  Commit yourself to a hospital, John, you're nuts.

I just heard some hearsay that Frank Lautenberg will sign, and that Corzine also might.  Maybe they are are starting to realize that they are losing even people like me who wouldn't in a million years have voted for a non-Democrat for president.


Various bloggers are holding up a letter from Katherine Blackwell in which he "confesses" to "winning" Ohio for Bush.  They go, "Look, see!  He says it right here!"

What do these people find so remarkable about this letter?  For Pete's sake, the man was Bush's campaign chair.  We already knew that.

What's remarkable is that we let campaign officials oversee our elections.  We Americans are the dumbest shitheads on the face of the Earth.

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