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January 6th, 2005


I've decided to go with KDE as my desktop environment.  This is to replace a potluck based on xfce4 and rox.  I had gone to this because GNOME has gotten harder to use.  I was a GNOME user because I didn't like KDE, but KDE is better now than it was in the middle ages.

I'm gonna try FluxBox as a window manager, if I can figure out how to change the window manager....

Update:  Just in case anyone wonders what I used before GNOME, I used olvwm, the "virtual" version of the OpenLook window manager from Sun.

We were betrayed

When the time came to vote in the Senate, Randi Rhodes informs us, only Barbara Boxer voted for our democracy.

"Nothing" is going to happen here.  It's over.  Democrats are practically powerless anyway.  Senator Dayton has lost my vote in 2006.  If he wants it back, he'd better earn it.  That's it, I'm through.  I've had enough.

Update:  It wasn't any better in the House.
Trek fans will recognize the saying, which I've seen attributed to the Quakers.  The year 2000 was the first fooling, and now we have had the second fooling.

John Kerry says he can't get the necessary votes, so we should accept Bush's "victory" and be quiet.  That's not an exact quote; it's not worth recovering his particular phrasing.  It is, however phrased, a revelation of John Kerry's contempt for common democracy.  The main issue, which Kerry discards, is not whether or Bush or Kerry gets to be emperor, but whether the Bushist Arbeiterspartei can give White people three voting machines per person and Black people 0.001 machines per person, and other stuff like that.  Kerry says, by his silence on the issue, that it's okay with him.

Kerry says he's going to "submit legislation" to improve elections, after he's proven he doesn't actually care.

I'm not sure that people carry through the logic.  The Bushists, increasingly free of the need to persuade voters, can do all the things formerly considered political suicide.  Social Security is the third rail?  Sure, but the electricity has been cut.  Roe v. Wade?  Shut up, you wench.

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