February 16th, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire


A French friend has introduced me to Skype, free Internet telephony.  It's also got normal Internet chatting, I discovered.  Maybe it supports dit-dit-dah code, I don't know.  Also it can go through a relay to ordinary telephone, but you have to feed money into the machine for that, and I haven't tried it.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Bushist phony news operation

Go see http://www.bradblog.com/archives/00001192.htm:

All-Purpose Nuke Plant Photos Scrubbed from Government Run 'News' Site!
Identical Photo Used in Stories on both Iran and N. Korea was also used with IRAQ Stories!
All have been 'disappeared' from U.S. Funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty website! Still no Explanation for CNN's Use of Same Iranian Facility on Their N. Korea Story!

After yesterday's BRAD BLOG exposé on the use of a satellite photo of a (presumably) Iranian nuclear facility which was misrepresented as a nuclear facility in North Korea by the U.S. Government funded "news" site Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in an April 2004 story, the site has now removed that photograph from the article without giving explanation on their webpage for the removal.

To make matters worse, we pointed out yesterday that the photo of the (follow closely now) supposed Iranian nuclear facility that was used with the article on North Korea was actually filenamed "Iraq-nuclear.jpg"!

It has now been discovered that the same photograph was indeed also used on RFE/RL stories about WMDs in Iraq!

A search of RFE/RL's website reveals that there were at least 9 different instances of that same "Iraq-nuclear.jpg" photo being used along with stories about nuclear or WMD programs in all three different countries. The first known instance of its use at RFE/RL was on February 5, 2004 in an article headlined -- ironically enough -- "CIA Head Defends WMD Intelligence on Iraq"!...

Go read the rest.

We are in Hell, aren't we?