April 11th, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Mixed metaphor of the moment

From a Buzzflash.com editorial:

Karl Rove is sharpening up his cutlery. Tom DeLay ought to be
watching his Bushevik backside .

The former exterminator and present "Dioxin brain" has started to
cast a shadow on the White House and draw undue attention to the
real delusional goals of its inhabitants. His ego has gotten the
better of him, and he's forgotten who is the Don of the mob.

Rove is just about ready to pour the cockroach killer all over

And the man who crawled out from under a rock of immorality can't
even see it coming.

A rattler never does.

I, personally, would not try to kill a rattlesnake with cockroach
poison, nor would I expect to take a rattlesnake by surprise.
Outrunning one is easy, but surprising one not so much.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

A scenario

Here's a scenario for you, to do with as you wish.

The Leader tends to get his most consistently high poll ratings on
protecting Americans from terrorism. Presumably the main reason for
this is that we have not had another 9/11-like attack -- whatever, but
you can suspect, if this is so, that another 9/11-like or bigger
attack would lead to a decrease in Bush's rating.

So, here's the scenario: a big "homeland" attack, in which Bush loses
what remains of his former "popularity," but by which Bush-Cheney
passes an Enabling Act with Democratic support. After which, "heaven"
help us all.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

A dog

I wish I had a dog, but also I do not want to clean the place to make
it more pleasant for the beast, and I do not want to walk a canine
(because it is difficult for me to walk). The first requirement
excludes a puppy but not necessarily a grown animal; the latter
requirement could be a problem; it's really a synecdoche representing
a broader anxiety.

Dogs are born with a tendency to follow the motions of human hands.
I'm not kidding; this is one of the effects of thousands of years of
controlled breeding. They truly are Man's best friend.