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April 23rd, 2005

Sopranino recorder in F

I wrote a few days ago that I quit playing sopranino recorder despite
its being beautiful, because the sound was too piercing. Another
reason is that it is harder to play than the larger soprano recorder
(also called descant recorder); when you make a wind instrument
smaller you need to blow into it with more pressure, and after a point
this becomes a difficulty.

One trade-off is that the soprano recorder is getting to be just heavy
enough to give me fibromyalgia problems.

I'd rather play the alto recorder (also called treble recorder and
often just "recorder"), which is the most beautiful member of the
Baroque-style recorder family, but this is much heavier than a soprano
recorder. I have a (three piece) plastic Yamaha alto, and it weighs
more even than my (one piece) Tipple D flute made from PVC water pipe,
even though it is a higher pitched instrument. The alto recorder in F
is roughly the equivalent of a G flute, and the Tipple G flute (also
made from PVC pipe) is quite light.

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