May 8th, 2005

George Clinton mugshot

Still in wait-and-see mode

If you come here for the inflammatory political opinions, sorry, I'm still waiting for something interesting to happen. I'm not even ready to declare Tom DeLay cooked and ready to serve.

I'll talk briefly about my political opinions, instead. You may have noticed they are inflammatory, for want of a better description. I have been accused (by a family member) of having narrow opinions, but this is not so. My political opinions are weakly held, and I will change them almost instantly, if new information forces a re-evaluation. For example, I have changed directions on the Iraq debacle; I totally repudiate my early opinions on that, which generally were favorable.

Do not be afraid to have opinions! But do not confuse them with descriptions of the objective world. Your opinions are products of the peculiarities of your own nervous system, and you should not expect other nervous systems to come to the same results, even if you and they agree totally about the facts, as they say, "on the ground."
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Witty commentary

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