May 24th, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Languages update

I really like the Ido language, but I'm not sure if the community
built around it is the best. Simply, I'd prefer to have a larger and
more diverse community of speakers, and even the greater possibility
of meeting with others in my area. There is at least one Idist in the
Twin Cities, but wherever you go you can find Esperantists. Since one
is easy to learn if you know the other, and since Esperanto has some
very nice resources for learning, I think I'll change my emphasis
towards Esperanto.

Also I'm having a tendency to bite off more than I can chew. It is a
compulsion, and so it is therapeutic for me to deal with this
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Rude One's opinion

The Rude Pundit gives his opinion of the 'Please don't nuke our social compact!' compromise deal. In this case I don't really understand what he means.

I don't think we should draw much pleasure from Bill Frist or George W. Bush suffering a discomfort. It's like in that so-so movie, A Bridge Too Far, about the Allies failing to take a bridge somewhere in the Netherlands or wherever. The Allies didn't get that bridge; nevertheless, it was a bad day for Hitler, because the Allies got all those other bridges. Frist may have gone a bridge too far, but it was a bad day for us.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Further on the Senate deal

I just heard Randi Rhodes explain, with pleasure, that the deal was
better than the alternative, because there were enough votes to invoke
cloture. I think the 'real' story there is that there were enough
votes to invoke closure. In other words, the maneuver was a choice
between one unnecessary retreat and another. The Democrats should
have let Frist push the nuclear button.