August 7th, 2005



Argh, I'm having real problems with hives lately. I'd better see an allergist, if only to get a prescription for more effective antihistamines than diphenhydramine. Hopefully it's none of my medications, but I don't think so, because I know of no surge in hive formation just after taking the pills, plus I've had welts to some degree always. I think it is likely I have chronic hives, because it's not a new problem, just one that seems particularly bad lately. Some of the welts are in places where I'm used to breaking out, such as along my collarbone, but others are coming and going in more unusual spots. Also the patches often are larger than usual.

It seems to be more itchy just after I wake up, but I suppose that might be a surge in histamine levels as part of waking up. I'm just guessing. Anyway, I'm afraid to sleep, but that's okay, because I have things I can do.
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