August 22nd, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Speaking of World War II

Speaking of World War II, a couple of hours ago I took advantage of the Monday Midnight Madness sale at to order one of these new old stock flex nib, piston filler, 1940s German pens they got a hold of, and only after I had placed the order did I put '1940s' and 'German' together.

Maybe they were imported by Prescott Bush. :) I hope I ordered soon enough (probably) and like the pen. They are no-brand pens; probably a Woolworth's somewhere misplaced them.

Update: Sam Fiorella at Pendemonium informs me that my pen will be mailed tomorrow. This pen is so new, it's been new for 60 years already. :)

Utah: Ravers Attacked by Cops at Legal Concert

It's events like this that make me wonder whether this country has gone completely mad in its perverse love affair with law and order. Read what happened at a rave concert in Utah as told by a Daily Kos diarist who was on stage playing in the band when it happened- "Helicopters, assault rifles, tear gas, camoflauge-wearing soldiers.... why? Was that really necessary?" He says the event was entirely legal and every permit had been obtained.

And if you have a blog, please publicize the Utah event. When the cops start acting like terrorists to attack our kids, it's time to say enough....