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12:09 am: Young people of the USA ...
12:18 am: 20 oil rigs missing in Gulf of Mexico: US Coast Guard - Yahoo! News
12:42 am: Thousands Feared Drowned in New Orleans - Yahoo! News
01:15 am: Daily Kos: Report From An Anonymous Insider - Lost Oil Rigs - 10 comments
10:59 pm: Why I am not a Democrat anymore - 2 comments
01:05 am: Anderson Cooper and a smarmy Democrat
01:29 am: A topical selection: a poem of Robert Burns
02:48 am: THE BRAD BLOG: "MSNBC Cameraman: 'I've never seen anything like this'"
05:35 am: Our most dangerous enemy
06:07 am: Explosions in New Orleans?
06:46 am: The Skippy Challenge - 9 comments
01:13 pm: Scene by the water
05:13 pm: Current TV // Blog // Citizen Rescue
05:38 pm: THE BRAD BLOG: "Disconnected Presidential Video of the Moment..."
07:10 pm: The Bushists are moving ahead with estate tax repeal
07:34 pm: Daily Kos: Priorities: Roberts Hearings Not Delayed
10:33 am: The rosy and the not so rosy
11:30 am: Homeland Security won't let Red Cross deliver food
11:04 pm: Potemkin USA
11:41 pm: Combat in New Orleans
12:25 am: The Northern League playoffs are mostly set
03:37 am: La Skippy instigo (tradukita de la angla)
04:39 am: Frank Rich: Falluja Floods the Superdome
05:27 am: Shepard Smith and Geraldo Rivero freaking out on Faux
05:50 am: (no subject) - 3 comments
06:21 am: Silber: THE MOST TERRIBLE TRUTH OF ALL - 6 comments
02:22 pm: On ABC television, Mary Landrieu threatens to punch Bush
02:45 pm: Aaron Broussard's interview on Meet the Press - 2 comments
04:25 pm: Some repercussions of the destruction of New Orleans - 2 comments
10:56 pm: It's just so interesting
07:28 am: [Jesus] Nominates Roberts As Chief Justice
11:48 pm: As I predicted -- - 9 comments
05:49 am: Being careful
07:01 am: The von Daniken fallacy in today's science - 2 comments
11:07 pm: What city is next?
01:25 am: Bush's great terrorist attack
01:34 am: Should I go to tomorrow's game? - 2 comments
01:36 pm: See this video of a New Orleans survivor, Charmaine Neville
04:12 pm: This time both eyes - 2 comments
06:04 pm: Typing the wrong word
09:16 pm: Jimmy Breslin: another white person fooling himself
09:47 pm: Pet Rescue - 2 comments
02:53 pm: Too much
03:49 pm: Workbench: Police Trapped Thousands in New Orleans
09:01 pm: The Sunk-Cost Fallacy - Bush falls victim to a bad new argument for the Iraq war. By Barry Schwartz - 4 comments
05:22 am: Slideshow of New Orleans before, during, and after the storm
08:00 am: The anxiety of pretending - 4 comments
08:58 am: Again regarding why I am no longer a Democrat
04:12 pm: Migraine
10:17 am: Portrait of a narcissist
02:17 pm: Bush recites his job description
09:40 pm: Duped by Bush or not duped by Bush - 5 comments
12:49 am: Hunting chickenhawks at the Pentagon 'freedom walk'
12:13 pm: Kvin el miaj idiosinkrazioj / Five of my idiosyncracies - 4 comments
03:31 pm: Note from Georgy to Condi
02:29 pm: More userpics - 3 comments
05:18 pm: La Esperantigado de ĝeneralsemantikaj verkoj - 12 comments
06:09 pm: BradBlog: A Diebold insider speaks
06:31 pm: The fecklessness of Democrats
08:25 pm: Did I just hear…
08:34 pm: Josh Marshall is starting to see the light
08:49 pm: Notice the desperation in Josh Marshall's voice
09:37 am: Josh Marshall seeing the light
11:44 am: Brian Williams reporting
12:29 pm: Mo Dowd 'thought' the same thing
12:59 pm: The Tannahill Weavers
01:25 pm: Reining in the chimp
09:29 pm: La malsanoj de Barijo - 2 comments
11:14 pm: Oy, no Internet! - 2 comments
02:21 am: Bush is boozing - 10 comments
12:16 pm: 'Harvard Law embraces bigotry' - 7 comments
01:16 pm: European lands to which I have been
05:36 pm: Cherish the Ladies - 2 comments
09:58 pm: The unfortunate history of Esperanto
11:57 pm: Democrats and the war - 3 comments
12:03 am: THE BRAD BLOG: "Former President Carter says Current 'President' Bush Lost 2000 Election!"
05:09 pm: Ho ve!
11:25 pm: Is anyone shocked by this result?
02:19 am: New icon - 12 comments
10:31 am: 'War Pornography' - 4 comments
02:58 pm: 'Texas survives hurricane but New York may be next'
07:52 pm: 'Woman held in probe into Tube shooting leak'
10:28 pm: Pat Tillman
12:20 am: David Podvin writes about the Democrats - 5 comments
02:06 pm: Bush seeks expanded powers to use the military internally
10:20 pm: Lord Kyl's Realm
12:51 pm: Laura Bush to replace Paris Hilton on TV - 2 comments
07:39 pm: Better font management - 4 comments
11:11 pm: Tom Delay to be indicted… - 1 comment
11:37 am: Tom DeLay indicted
02:34 pm: Wacom tablet - 10 comments
06:31 pm: Survival of the Sneakiest
03:28 pm: La danĝera vojaĝo de Karen Hughes

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    In case it matters, the most recent confirmed lahar is about 500 years ago, but there were mixed reports of eruptions in the late 1800s.
  • 25 Mar 2014, 01:20
    Pretty low until you jinxed them.
  • 25 Mar 2014, 01:01
    What would you estimate the odds to be of it happening in the next 200 years?
  • 27 Jan 2014, 06:22
    Thinking about it further, I think I now understand. You're saying the WSJ is being antisemitic, not the people they're quoting.

    I don't think they'd listen to it coming from us, but a…
  • 27 Jan 2014, 06:09
    I'm not noticing it either. Seems to me they *are* being assholes to Jews, but only moreso than anybody else if we happen to be in the way. I think that's gneral-purpose assholery, not…
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