September 4th, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire

The Northern League playoffs are mostly set

Who plays whom and where they will play has been determined in the
Northern League, even though we do not yet know who wins the South
Division second half. See

Gary comes here to St. Paul. The Saints won the first half but now are
tied with Gary for first place in the second half, with each having
one game to go. For the playoffs, either Gary will play as a second
half winner and get home field advantage, or Gary will play as a wild
card and any fifth game would be played here at our lovable dump of a

Meanwhile Lincoln will go as a wild card to Fargo, probably to be
eaten alive. You never know in playoffs, though -- they aren't really
great indicators of team quality. Otherwise most years you could just
hand the trophy to Fargo and forget about the playoffs.

The first game is Tuesday here and I plan to go regardless of hives,
so it could get interesting.
band-aid tooth

La Skippy instigo (tradukita de la angla)

La Skippy instigo

Ne temas pri ruĝaj ŝtatoj kontraŭ bluaj ŝtatoj…ne temas pri maldekstra kontraŭ dekstra…ne temas pri liberala kontraŭ konservativa…

La homoj en Luiziano, Misisipio kaj Alabamo estas usonanoj. Koncernas Usonon, kaj usonanoj kutime ĉiam prenis la bovon per la kornoj kaj forte eklaboris por helpi siajn bezonantajn samlandanojn.

Skippy donacis 100,01 dolarojn al la Ruĝa Kruco por uragano-asisto, kaj nun Skippy instigas ĉiujn, kiuj skribas politikajn blogojn, malsamideojn tute egale: Faru la samon.

Sed tio ne kompletigas la instigon. Skippy sekve instigas ĉiun anon de sia bloglisto (kiu ricevos retpoŝton kun ĉi tiu forta instigo), ke post kiam li donacis: (a) Blogu pri tio; (b) Sendu retpoŝton al ĉiu ano de sia bloglisto.

La 100 dolaroj estas por realigi ion. Se ĉiu politika blogo donacus 100 dolarojn, pensu pri la centoj da miloj da dolaroj, kiujn la Ruĝa Kruco povus uzi por aĉeti manĝaĵojn kaj provizaĵojn por la homoj, kiuj bezonas nun. Kaj la 1 cendo estas por ĉiujn sciigi, ke la donacoj venis de blogtopio (jes! ni inventis tiun vorton!) kaj ke ĉi-foje la blogoj gravas.

Se la servilo estas okupata, telefonu al 1-800 HELP NOW.

Se vi ne povas kontribui 100,01 dolarojn, donacu 50,01 dolarojn aŭ 20,01 dolarojn, aŭ almenaŭ donacu 5,01 dolarojn (la minimumon kiun la Ruĝa Kruco postulas, plus 1 cendo). Cedu la sabatan filmon ĉi-semajne, portu lunĉon anstataŭ iri al manĝejo, faru ion!

Usonanoj malsatmortas, kun neniu loĝejo, en kondiĉoj kiuj rapide degeneras. Estas la horo por eklabori kaj ekhelpi niajn samlandanojn! Ek!

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Frank Rich: Falluja Floods the Superdome

The answers to what went wrong in Washington and on the Gulf Coast
will come later, and, if the history of 9/11 is any guide, all too
slowly, after the administration and its apologists erect every
possible barrier to keep us from learning the truth. But as Americans
dig out from Katrina and slouch toward another anniversary of Al
Qaeda's strike, we have to acknowledge the full extent and urgency of
our crisis. The world is more perilous than ever, and for now, to
paraphrase Mr. Rumsfeld, we have no choice but to fight the war with
the president we have.

I am seriously disappointed with this article. First Rich calls our
peril urgent, and then he says we must rely on the very person
whom we know has a history of making matters only worse! If you are
going to say the peril is urgent, don't tell me next that we
have no choice but to make it more and more and more urgent -- that's
like what Bush did to New Orleans!

Goddammit, I'm getting fed up with this lassitude. There's no reason this
column couldn't or shouldn't have called for impeachment on grounds of
dereliction of duty. It's never going to happen unless columnists
start calling for it.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

(no subject)

Go to chemoelectric to see some interesting changes.

In my opinion, sitting back and saying 'Oh, well, we are stuck for three more years, hopefully nothing will happen' is akin to what the Bushists have been doing. Hopefully New Orleans won't be flooded, so let's not try to raise the levees. Either George W. Bush imperils our lives immensely or he doesn't, which is it?

George W. Bush must resign. Get angry and get everyone you know angry as well -- our strength is in solidarity, when we are faced (not stuck) with an enemy of our security in the White House.

George W. Bush must go.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Some repercussions of the destruction of New Orleans

I live in Minnesota near the Mississippi River. The destruction of the
city of New Orleans can't do anything good as far as operating the
seaport of New Orleans. I imagine that Minnesota exports agricultural
or other products by floating them down the river, in barges, to New
Orleans for loading onto ships. What's going to happen now?

That kind of question is going to be important in the coming months
and years.

Other routes I can think of are to carry the goods by rail to a
different seaport, such as Newark-Elizabeth. Another possibility is to
load the goods onto ships at the port of Duluth. One thing about that
approach is that some ocean going ships can go all the way to Duluth.

I'm just throwing out ideas but I don't know anything special about
commercial logistics. Also, probably it won't be long before there is
an impromptu community of port workers -- well, at least if Bush
doesn't somehow block that from happening, for instance to punish Mary
Landrieu for threatening to punch him.

It's just so interesting

Watching the frootloops Bush, traveling around the Gulf Coast with the
Potemkin village creators always a step ahead of him, watching the
evident pleasure in Bush's speech and manners -- it's not
unexpected. It's the main reason why these phony worlds are
constructed before he gets there, to keep him in a good
mood. Remember, he believes 'God' made Bush the Leader to lead the
U.S. through this time of crises, so Bush now is deep into that
fantasy. Bush's visible pleasure is not unexpected, but isn't it so