September 8th, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire

This time both eyes

Today I was awakened a few times with 'aborted cluster headaches',
very mild versions of the 'real' thing, the first time in recent
memory that I have had one after another. But sometimes it was the
left eye, sometimes the right, so now both eyes aren't focusing
well. Argh. The right is worse than the left. Fortunately neither is
all that bad and I can do things like use zoom-in features.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Typing the wrong word

I am suspecting seriously that this business where I am 'thinking' one
word but typing another is, along with poor eye focus, among the
temporary aftereffects of my 'eye attacks'.

My vision seems to be recovering. The screen looks really big to me
just now, for some reason. I've had one or a few previous instances
like that, recently, where things looked unusually big or small to
me. Likely it's an effect of the zolmitriptan; things looking big or
small is a reasonably common effect of migraine, so no shock if it's
an effect of anti-migraine pills as well. I've taken the drug at least
one other time in the last week.

('Lewis Carroll' was neither doing drugs nor (by today's standards)
nutso; he was a migraine sufferer.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Jimmy Breslin: another white person fooling himself

Jimmy Breslin writes

> If whites were in trouble in New Orleans, trust that [Bush's]
> government would have been there early and the aid massive.

You would think Jimmy Breslin would remember the finger that Bush gave
to New York, and the treacherous downtown air about which Bush lied.
Don't be fooled, Jimmy, you too are expendable to Bush. Only people of
a certain class need apply.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Pet Rescue

Larry Johnson writes:

1. Pet Rescue--Many people still in New Orleans refused to leave their
homes because they would not abandon their pets. FEMA prohibited
evacuees from bringing out their pets. Once the media is on scene
showing images of shivering dogs stranded on car roofs pet lovers
around the world demand action. Accordingly, many of the rescue
forces are currently going after starving and thirsty animals. Next
go round, ensure that there is a system in place to evacuate pets
as well. It could be a logistics nightmare but I doubt it could be
any worse than having to track down folks hiding in flooded
neighborhoods 8 days after the hurricane.

Larry's right. You not only have to keep people alive, you have to
keep them healthy, including in the 'mind' (brain, endocrine system,