September 26th, 2005

Skylab 1 leaves the pad

David Podvin writes about the Democrats

[I found this essay pleasant to read. Go to if you want to read the whole thing.]


By David Podvin

In 1965, the year following Lyndon Johnson’s campaign declaration that an activist federal government must focus on meeting the needs of the average Democratic voter, Democrats controlled 363 House and Senate seats (57%). By 1976, the party had begun a corporate-financed transition towards the middle, and Democrats had 351 seats (55%). In 1980, near the end of Jimmy Carter’s centrist presidency, Democrats possessed 335 seats (53%). By 1992, after drifting further to the right during the Reagan/Bush era, Democrats held 323 seats (51%). In 2001, following eight years of Bill Clinton’s “Third Way” approach that marginalized liberalism, Democrats were down to 262 seats (41%). And today, with the party so non-ideological that the voting public tells pollsters it stands for nothing, Democrats have a grand total of 246 congressional seats (39%).

There is an overriding reason that the Democratic Party has become the political equivalent of Betamax, and it has nothing to do with the malevolence of the Republicans or the mendacity of the media. When a political party consistently betrays its own loyal followers, especially in circumstances involving life and liberty, the inevitable consequence is an excruciating descent into oblivion.…

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Hurricane Ophelia

Bush seeks expanded powers to use the military internally

Bush mulls lead role for military in disasters

By Caren Bohan
Sun Sep 25, 6:12 PM ET

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (Reuters) - U.S.
[Leader] George W. Bush said on Sunday that Congress ought to
consider giving the U.S. military the lead role in responding to
natural disasters, as he heard one general describe the Hurricane
Katrina rescue effort as a "train wreck."...

The military is so well known for its efficiency and its low rate
of screwing things up.

This is the Enabling Act that the Leader and the self-serving
PNAC Nazis have been seeking to get.