October 4th, 2005

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The Democrats cause psychic malfunction

Ernest Partridge over at The Crisis Papers has captured a bit of the essence of my rejection of the Democratic Party as such [1]:


The Republican Party and the Bush Administration are reeling, enmeshed in corruption and failure, and the ideology of the regressive right is in retreat.

The iron is hot – now is the time to strike.

Unfortunately, it appears that the congressional Democrats and the Democratic Party would prefer to throw cold water on the hot iron.

What in the name of God and the US Constitution has neutered the Democrats?

Clearly, if the alleged “opposition party” won’t lead, then we the people must do so. Perhaps, out of this inchoate and widespread resistance, a movement will coalesce and effective leadership will emerge. They must, if we are to rescue ourselves and our republic from this morass.

In the meantime, among the angry and disillusioned American public – apparently the majority, let us note – opposition to the Busheviks is diverse, aimless, uncoordinated and, worst of all, in despair.

The infantile behavior of the Democratic Party is to seek political advantage through the traditional methods of electoral strategy and tactics founded on trickery and 'mental' manipulation. This is why John Roberts could be approved as Chief Justice in the face of an obvious campaign to keep the facts about him secret—in the childish world of the Democrats, frequently it is 'better' not to know the facts, for with knowledge comes responsibility.

In this way, we sometimes get Democrats as our elected officials, and often, when they are serving us, they do good things. But the whole while they promote, strengthen, and prolong the ignorance and psychic alienation of the American people.

(A most obvious instance is the use of negative advertising to depress voter turnout, without also educating people that this is what the advertising is designed to do. Democrats use negative advertising because they have to, to get elected. But they do it in a way that they know makes people cynical and disillusioned, depending on and encouraging their ignorance and childishness, helping to keep us dependent on disasters for societal advancement.)

[1] There are a few individual member politicians of the Democratic
Party whom I like, despite their flaws. BTW you can add John Conyers's
(syndicated) blog to your friends list; it's readable through conyersblog.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Bush Considers Military Role in Flu Fight

Now Bush suggests using bird flu as an Enablement:


Of course the National Guard should be able to help maintain a
quarantine, but that's something that goes without saying. Bush, on
the other hand, has been using the hurricane disasters to hint and now
hint again at the imposition of military force against the American
people when more of Bush's largely self-made crises occur.

Bush is a sick narcissist who meant it when he said he'd find
it a lot easier to be dictator. It is what he wants. It's boring being
'president'. What good is a hurricane if he can't dress in a military
uniform and thank his legions, his 'armies of "compassion"', for a
mission accomplished?
Ed White spacewalk

scout prime: Black Bodies Remain Still.....


- From CNN:
Five weeks after Katrina, New Orleans is
calling off the house-to-house search for bodies.…

Searchers and residents insist there are still plenty of dead to find
in New Orleans. Once again, they say the Ninth Ward is being ignored
because it is poor and black.…

pulverized portions of New Orleans's Ninth Ward, where water flows,
instead of traffic, most homes bear the signs that search teams have
been in to look for the living and the dead, but not in one area that
spans several blocks. Here, house after house after house is unmarked.

EDWARD MENDEL, SEARCH VOLUNTEER: From here back, I estimate 100 to 150
homes that are still unsearched. And I do expect we will probably find
some bodies.

MESERVE (on camera): Why do you think that?

MENDEL: You can smell them as we drive by.

As we ponder William Bennett's racist comment the evidence of American
racism is going almost un-noticed in [New Orleans]. Tell me if this
was a white neighborhood that those homes would go unsearched. We went
to great pains to recover every little bit of human remains at Ground
Zero but in Black America we won't even bother to pick up bodies. This
is an outrage. Let's not forget these people's dignity again.

We sent the same message when our leaders in Washington, who act
without regard for the 'psychological' consequences of their methods,
made no fuss worth mentioning about the disenfranchisement of Black
people, in Ohio, in broad daylight. Indeed they positively condoned it
and therefore encourage more of it. There are of course a few vocal
exceptions, the most senior of them being John Conyers. The rest of
the Democrats act as if nothing terrible happened, sometimes pointing
out, for instance, their doubts that it would have changed the
outcome. But what of the psychic damage caused? What of the children
who learned of how their parents were kept from voting by Bushists
playing games with voting machine distribution? How do you teach such
children good citizenship; how do you deal with the despair you are
inducing by not making a fuss?

This is not just a question of racism. It is a question of infantility
versus mature humanity. Our society is infantile and our leaders are
not helping it to mature, even when they have good intentions and do
some good deeds. Now look at the distance between the dangers the
world presents us and our ability to cope—we fall further and
further behind, until the people themselves force a reconciliation of
social institutions with life realities.

The icon beside this entry is a photograph of Ed White doing the first
spacewalk ever by an American astronaut. The early astronauts were
people who took incredible chances in their pursuit of a goal, to walk
on the Moon. Ed White, in fact, perished in the Apollo 1 fire.
However, it wasn't that much longer before Neil Armstrong, having
spent nearly all of the available fuel, set the Eagle to rest on
the lunar surface, put on a moon suit, and went for a walk. The
Democrats of today lack, politically, what the early astronauts had,
in their field of work. The early astronauts and the manned space
program, until its essential demise after the moon landing, inspired
children and helped them to grow up healthy and mature.