October 17th, 2005

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Rumors in Treasongate support my long-time theory

I have stated a theory going back to when judges said Matt Cooper and Judith Miller had to talk or go to jail. Even one judge, who figured that journalists did generally have a privilege against talking, was emphatic that this case was different. My theory says that the judges were so emphatic because what Fitzgerald had was evidence of Dick Cheney's involvement in the conspiracy.

Now this:


Fitzgerald, 45, has also questioned administration officials about any knowledge Bush may have had of the campaign against Wilson. Yet most administration observers have noted that on Iraq, as with most matters, it's Cheney who has played the more hands-on role.

One lawyer intimately involved in the case, who like the others demanded anonymity, said one reason Fitzgerald was willing to send Miller to jail to compel testimony was because he was pursuing evidence the vice president may have been aware of the specifics of the anti-Wilson strategy.

And both U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Hogan and an appellate-court panel -- including David Tatel, a First Amendment advocate -- said they ruled in Fitzgerald's favor because of the gravity of the case.

Ha! That's exactly my theory.

Can you imagine if Dick Cheney hadn't accompanied Bush to the not-under-oath investigational interview? Cheney would have been sweating bullets, wondering how many ways Bush was clumsily blowing the whole thing.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

DoD Bushist cancels Ed Schultz to hide the facts


Ed Schultz—the host of the most popular progressive radio show in the country—was supposed to start broadcasting on Armed Forces radio. Jones Radio, the company that syndicates The Ed Shultz Show, received an email on September 29 from an Armed Forces Radio official confirming that one hour of Schultz’s program would begin airing today, October 17.

But this morning at 6AM, the producer of the Ed Schultz show, James Holm, received a call from Pentagon communications aide Allison Barber. She told Holm that she was calling so early to let Schultz know his show would not begin airing on AFR today. You’ll remember Barber as the aide caught coaching troops before a photo-op with President Bush last week.…

Here’s the really interesting part. Barber told Holm she heard Ed announced that he would begin on AFR during his show Friday. Schultz’s show Friday began with audio outtakes of Barber sounding foolish as she rehearsed the troops “Q&A session” with Bush.

Of course what I find most distressing about this is to learn that Ed Schultz has the most popular liberal radio show in the country.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

The Raw Story | New York Daily News source believes senior White House official has flipped in leak


The case of outed CIA agent Valerie Plame is set to explode.

The New York Daily News is set to report in Tuesday editions that a
well-placed source interviewed by the newspaper believes a senior
White House official has flipped and may be helping the prosecutor in
the case, RAW STORY has learned.

The Daily News will reveal that a top source believes that based on
the questioning of Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and his other
contacts with the investigation, someone in the White House has

All eyes are on Dick Cheney, the News says, as the investigation wraps

I got the impression in the last few days that Fitzgerald was
preparing to get Karl Rove as a squealer—that this is why Rove's
lawyer said Rove was not 'the target' of the investigation. So my
uncertain guess is that Karl Rove has flipped.

I have long had another theory, that Ari Fleischer squealing regarding
what he knew led to Fitzgerald's appointment in the first place. Both
this and the preceding, however, are wagers I expect to lose. I'm not
surprised at all that Cheney is a focus now; after all, he and Libby
were personally 'spying' on the CIA, in a completely unheard-of